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I'm trying to load data from Oracle to Teradata using OleLoad TPT Insert operator.

If the session character set is set to UTF8 then some rows are being sent to Error table 1.

If the session character set is set to ASCII then I'm getting the below error

     Operator 'dtacop' main source version:''

**** 10:44:18 From file 'Untitled', starting to send rows.

     *** DATA ERROR > **********************************************

     Data description at error:

     File name: 'Untitled'

     Record number: 395291

     Data Format: 'FORMATTED'

     Access Mode: 'Read'

     Buffer Size: 65536

     Buffer Position: 0

     Buffer End: 0

  Hexadecimal formatted display from address 03F52E80 for 0 bytes.

     Record Count: 395290

     EOR bytes

  Hexadecimal formatted display from address 01557926 for 0 bytes.

     *** < DATA ERROR **********************************************

     pmRead rc=34

     '4189 occurrences: Failure copying the source column "COLUMN_NAME":  Cannot convert wide character string because:  No mapping for the Unicode character exists in the target multi-byte code page.'

     Setting exit code = 12.

Please help with this.

Teradata Employee

Re: OleLoad

Hi Tinku,

Error while using ASCII character set might be because the data contains multibyte character which can't be converted to single byte. So, only option we have in 13.10 version of OleLoad is to run the job in UTF8 session charset.

Now, coming to Error table issue. As far as I know, SQL Insert operator does not have any Error table.

The job mentioned here (data copying from Oracle to Teradata), will have Dataconnector Operator as producer and SQL insert operator as Consumer. Not sure from where this Error table is being created and error records are going into that table. OLE DB Access Module does not create such table for sure. It only gets the data from the provider and give it to Utilities.

Please provide more details.

-> Complete job output.

-> Whether data contains multibyte characters Data type of columns being copied from Oracle.

-> Version information of OleLoad and TPT.