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Pmon Error

I know that Pmon is discontinued, but I must to use it into my corporative computer so I beg for some help with my issue.

We are running this version:

    select * from dbc.dbcinfo;

  InfoKey InfoData 1 2 3



And this version of PMon






 When I try to consult someones SQL querry by clicking into the SQL Buttom

image.pngSql Buttom


I get the following error.




I read about Pmon 13.00 but I won't be able to find it.

I didn't understand what Viewpoint is. Is there any application which I can install to make the same function of the currently Pmon?

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Pmon Error

Viewpoint is a web-portal and one of the portlets is MyQueries, which provides functionality similar to (and beyond) PMon.


Talk to your DBA to get access to it.


Re: Pmon Error

Thanks for your kind and quick answer dnoeth.

We can ask about that permission but it will be denied, because Viewpoint gives you more than the necesary information. 

The main point should be fix the FpSpru70.ocx error. Other teamworkers install the Pmon and they got no Issues. But 3 people, including me, are unable to search about the SQL query because the error.

Is it fixeable? by installing some software of similar? Seems like an extra component of some windows library.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Pmon Error



A couple of points.


Viewpoint has a rich security model which means that a VP user can be largely restricted to only perform certain functions.

- this has to be the best (long term) solution.


On your 'ocx' error, yes it looks like the installation of PMon on your laptop and your colleagues did not work. Easiest attempt is to re-install it.


You may be able to fix it by manually registering the named 'ocx' file.

Open a command prompt "as an administrator".

Navigate to the folder containing that file.

Execute the following command: regsvr32 FpSpru70.ocx


If you can't find that file on your pc, can you copy it from a colleague's where this functionality is working - and then register it as above.





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