Queries regarding TPT version 13

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Queries regarding TPT version 13

We have Teradata version 13 and the version of TPT is Teradata Parallel Transporter Version

Use case: We want to offload data from a Teradata table into  Text File using TPT.The volume of the data will be fairly huge(in TB's)


1)Is this feature available in TPT 13.0?

2)Can we do this using export operator in TPT since I get the information from the TPT reference that export operator which is generally used for exporting data cannot do so in Text format?


I need to exported data in a Text file since this our downstream process requires a delimited Text file containing export of the data as input.Any inputs would be helpful.



Indranil Roy



Teradata Employee

Re: Queries regarding TPT version 13

To write out data in delimited format with TPT 13.00 (which we do not support anymore, btw), you have to use the Selector operator and you have to set ReportModeOn to "yes".


The Selector operator will receive the data from Teradata in character format and thus the file writer (DC operator) will add the delimiter characters and write out the data in the proper format.


If you want to use the Export operator, you must CAST all of the fields to VARCHAR (which can complicate you query).


In later releases of TPT, we have enhanced the DC operator to convert the binary data as it comes from Teradata to character, thus, enabling you to use the Export operator.


-- SteveF

Re: Queries regarding TPT version 13



It would be very helpful if you could address the below queries:

  1. If the data volume is huge(in TB's) is it a good option to go for the "selector operator" ?
  2. In case we use export operator do we need to cast every field to varchar in the same way as we do in FastExport?
  3. In case of Fastexport casting the fields in varchar generates two extra bytes at the beginning.Is it same in case of TPT if we cast in case of export operator?



Teradata Employee

Re: Queries regarding TPT version 13

1) Usually not

In TTU13, answer to 2 & 3 is Yes.

In TTU14.10 or later, the answer to 2 & 3 would be No.