Question about TPT and Quoted Data

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Question about TPT and Quoted Data

In one of our feeds we see that the data has embedded comma's in it. So we set the QuotedData to optional and since the field with embedded commas were within [ and ] we set the OpenQuoteMark and CloseQuoteMark to be [ and ] respectively. Now we see a different record with a field with embedded commas in it but enclosed with double quotes. 

I am not sure how to handle this situation, where two different records have embedded commas but are enclosed by different characters. Is there a way to set two characters as QuoteMark?



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Re: Question about TPT and Quoted Data


I don't believe that you can set multiple values for this. You can set a multibyte value, but not multiple values.


(Assuming that I'm correct) I think you're probably going to have to pre-process the data before passing it to the TPT operator. This could be done in a completely separate process or (maybe) using an Access Module (which you have to write). Using an Access Module would make it easier from an operational perspective because it is all within the TPT job.




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