Questions as to importing data from csv file with SQL assisstant

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Questions as to importing data from csv file with SQL assisstant


I have the following questions as to importing data to TD table from csf file.

  1. The column has Decimal, DATE, CHAR and integer types. Only DATE and CHAR value are enclosed with double quote marks.

    I am using the SQL Assitant. How should I set this option: Tools-Options->Export/Import->Enclose column data in?

    Data Sample:

    2000000000000000005,"2012-08-26",2012,"2012H2","2012Q3",201208,201235,0,-2,-3,-7,-20,-87,-610,"Year 2012","2012 2H","2012 3Q","Aug 2012","Week 35 (26Aug2012 - 01Sep2012)","26-Aug-2012","Sun","P",1,26,57,239,26,57,239,7,31,92,366,31,92,366
    2000000000000000002,"2014-06-22",2014,"2014H1","2014Q2",201406,201426,0,0,0,0,2,8,55,"Year 2014","2014 1H","2014 2Q","Jun 2014","Week 26 (22Jun2014 - 28Jun2014)","22-Jun-2014","Sun","P",1,22,83,173,22,83,173,7,30,91,365,30,91,365

  2. The DATE column is defined as CAL_DT DATE FORMAT 'YYYY-MM-DD', the value in the csv file is somthing like xxxx,"2012-08-26",xxxx, How shoud I write the SQL statement?  The default parameter marker ? will have error. What about if the column defination is CAL_DT DATE FORMAT 'YY/MM/DD'?
  3. If the SQL assisstant could not be easy to finish this task, do you have any other options? write a program to do that?
  4. If I have a csv file whose size is 2GB(about 11000000 rows), is it doable to use the SQL assisstant?