Questions regaurding ETL

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Questions regaurding ETL

1. What is the maximum error tables we can create in FastLoad job, Is it default like in MLoad(2 error tables)???

2. What is the different between BatchMode and IterativeMode? When we can use it??

3. What is the necessicity for WorkTable in MLoad?? Can we create worktable in Fastload??

4. Can we give CheckPoints in FastLoad(like in LogTable(MLoad))??

5. How many maximum sessions created by FastLoad Job? Is thr any limit for creating number of sessions??

6. Max of TENACITY hours we can give in FastLoad and MLoad??

7. How can we run SQL statements one by one( Between BT and ET mode I've 3 SQL stmts, I would like to run one by one how can I??)???

Hi friends I think all are basics but I don't know I got doubts while reading subject.
I've interview in couple of days... plz give answers.....

Thanks and Regards
Anil Reddy