SQL Assistant 13 Annoyances

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SQL Assistant 13 Annoyances

We were just forcibly upgraded to SQL Assistant 13 and there are a couple of behaviors that differ significantly from how the program worked in prior versions.  I am wondering if there are any work arounds, or if this a case of "This is how the developers work, so this is how everyone is supposed to work - hope you like it."

I'll preface this with the statement that I use the tool in cascaded window mode. Having the tool auto-adjust ALL of my windows every time in tiled mode is quite annoying in and of itself, but I can turn that off thankfully.

1. Empty answerset windows show up behind the query window

SQL Assistant assumes that if no rows are returned, then you couldn't possibly want to see the answerset window, so it hides it behind the query window and places a status message down below saying '0 rows returned.'  This should be a setting.  Sometimes you want to select from the table to get the column names. 

2. Answerset windows are always the same, SMALL size.

Regardless of how large the answerset is, the window is always the same miniscule size.  Prior versions of SA either didn't default to the tiny square window or would save the width of the answerset window that the user had resized.

3. Answerset windows always show up on TOP of the query window.

This is an another component of the poor answerset window positioning.  The only possibility of avoiding this is to have your query all the way on the right side of the SA window.

Does anyone have any work arounds for these issues?  They're obviously not deal breakers, but they do negatively impact daily quality of life usage.  I love the new look and functionality, but SQL Assistant 13 really does seem to need some attention in the answerset arena.