SQL Assistant 13 JE Barebones Configuration

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SQL Assistant 13 JE Barebones Configuration


Seeking configuration assistance for TD SQL Assistant v13.x TO BYPASS CONNECTION PERFORMANCE LIMITATIONS

My primary connection is to a VERY BUSY server.
Waiting for SQL Assistant JE to dynamically build drop down windows while I type SQL is NOT working!
The only solution I know of is to construct the query in a text window and paste it into the tool

My preference is to configure SQL Assistant to turn off all smart behavior that requires submitting queries to the connection.
Does anyone know how to create this bare bones configuration?


Teradata Employee

Re: SQL Assistant 13 JE Barebones Configuration


There is a preference you can set to turn off the automatic activation of the code assist feature.

In the Preferences dialog go to the Code Assist page in Data Management|SQL Development|SQL Editor|Code Assist. On that page you can uncheck "Enable auto activation". With this unchecked, the code assist will be shown only when you ask for it (by typing Ctrl-Space).

(You can find the Code Assist Page quickly by typing "Code Assist" in the box at the top left of the Preferences dialog box.)