SQL Assistant 13 not displaying history

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SQL Assistant 13 not displaying history

I have had SQL Assistant 13 installed on my system a couple of days back.After the install I had an error saying that DAO360.DLL file has not been registered and History will be unavailable.

When I registered the DAO file it seemed to work fine untill today. It stopped showing any history and is also not giving any errors.

Teradata Employee

Re: SQL Assistant 13 not displaying history

Have you verified that the ShowHistory menu (on View) is checked?
Check it if it is not.

If it is already checked, please try the following.
Go to the execution directory and execute verify.exe.
This will write a log file to your Temp directory.
Please send me the log file. (mike.dempsey@Teradata.com)

Also go to
\Documents and settings\\Application Data\Teradata\SQL Assistant
and send me the files
SQLAError.txt (if it exists)

That should give me some idea as to what is happening here.