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I am using SQLA in my test system with dot not I notice few minor issues.

(1) The sql assistant icon stays on the status bar stays 'red-eyed' even after the execution is complete.

(2) The history window used to stay as the last window now it kind of in a revolving door takes a spot wherever it likes

(3) when excuting multiple (some time even single ones) queries whites-out and stays un-responsive, seemingly for more longer than it needs to be (I can not quantify this and not sure if this is peculiar to my installation). I wish I don't have to see the white / pink screen transitioning.

if there are any tweak or settings that some one can point me to to get over these I would greatly appreciate!

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Re: SQL Assistant

Am experiencing same issues, occasionally also get error popup stating 'Unknown Error' -- apologies here, lost popup - will update if/when occurs again.

Delay time after answer set is returned and able to select/operate on window is approximately 20-30 seconds.

One more issue -- starting SQL Assistant takes over a full minute, generally only by a few seconds.

No issues at time of initial install (last Friday). That was a manual install by our DBA after network group install caused issues.

Issues appeared starting this week - PC had not been rebooted since install.

Did reboot yesterday to see if any change to issues and there was no change.

Re: SQL Assistant


Initial load of SQLA 14.0 still lengthy (appears to be no way to limit how much history loads as in 12.0) and I have several years of activity that gets loaded.

Issue with delay/lag time of queries has been solved.

1.    Under Tools -> Options, Select the History Tab on the left most side of the pane

2.    UNCHECK the box in front of “Do not save duplicate queries in History”

That did it – no time lags for any queries.

Apparently the "Do not save duplcate queries in History" has to run against entire history now.

Not sure, but 12.0 may only looked at loaded history, so less effort to determine duplicates.