SQL Assistant v.15.00 Keyboard Shortcut problems - Comment

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SQL Assistant v.15.00 Keyboard Shortcut problems - Comment

I just installed the new TTU 15.00 SQL Assistant, but I having problems with the keyboard shortcuts. In previous versions the (CTRL + D) turned text to and from comments. If no text selected then the line with the curser was transformed to/from single line comment with “--“, if block of text was selected then it was transformed to/from comment block with “/*   */”.

In SQL Assistant 15.00 then (CTRL + D) is not defined at all.

I found in the Customize Keyboard menu, Category: Query, then Comment: Comment, I have manually assigned this to (CTRL + D). Now I am able to change a Comment block on/off. But when no text is selected then the single line comment version are not working.

How do I make the (CTRL + D) to handle both single line comment and block comment, like in the previous versions of SQL Assistant?

Peter Schwennesen