SQL Asst and Windows 7

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SQL Asst and Windows 7


I have just had windows 7 on my work laptop and the teradata client 13.10.  When launching SQL Asst, exe appears in the windows task manager but the app never launces/appears.  I did not have this issue prior to the W7 install and the group responsible for software installs is unable to correct the problem.

Any idea why sql asst and the other client tools do not launch despite appearing in the task manager?


Teradata Employee

Re: SQL Asst and Windows 7

If it applies to other tools as well this may not be it, but you might want to check what it says in UserOptions.config.

One possibility is that the window location is not within the visible area of your screen, or maybe the window size is zero.

You could fix that by changing the values of <X> and <Y>  under <WindowLocation>, as in:





and check that <WindowSize> is not 0.

I would also check that <WindowState> is not Minimized.

Or you could just delete the file if you don't mind resetting all your user options.