Suppressing TPT warnings

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Suppressing TPT warnings

Just wanted to check if there is a way to supress warnings arised during TPTLOAD. Our requirement is to receive RC 0.

(we don't want to fix the Tried VARCHAR Errorlist/WarningList in FILE_READER and LOAD_OPERATOR sections but it's not helping. Could someone please suggest.

$ tbuild -f tptload_xyz.ctl xyz4

Teradata Parallel Transporter Version 

Job log: /opt/teradata/client/14.10/tbuild/logs/xyz4- 5227283.out

Job id is xyz4-5227283, running on ..

Teradata Parallel Transporter DataConnector Operator Version

FILE_READER: Instance 1 directing private log report to 'dataconnector_log-1'.

Teradata Parallel Transporter Load Operator Version

LOAD_OPERATOR: private log specified: load_log

FILE_READER: DataConnector Producer operator Instances: 1

FILE_READER: ECI operator ID: 'FILE_READER-10944852'

FILE_READER: Operator instance 1 processing file 'xyz.out'.

LOAD_OPERATOR: connecting sessions

LOAD_OPERATOR: preparing target table

LOAD_OPERATOR: entering Acquisition Phase

FILE_READER: TPT19003 TPT Exit code set to 4.   ------> Warning

LOAD_OPERATOR: entering Application Phase

LOAD_OPERATOR: Statistics for Target Table:  'db.tab1'

LOAD_OPERATOR: Total Rows Sent To RDBMS:      2

LOAD_OPERATOR: Total Rows Applied:            2

LOAD_OPERATOR: Total Rows in Error Table 1:   0

LOAD_OPERATOR: Total Rows in Error Table 2:   0

LOAD_OPERATOR: Total Duplicate Rows:          0

LOAD_OPERATOR: disconnecting sessions

FILE_READER: Total files processed: 1.

LOAD_OPERATOR: Total processor time used = '0.432734 Second(s)'

LOAD_OPERATOR: Start : Wed Apr 20 20:45:51 2016

LOAD_OPERATOR: End   : Wed Apr 20 20:46:28 2016

Job xyz4 completed successfully, but with warning(s). 

Job start: Wed Apr 20 20:45:50 2016

Job end:   Wed Apr 20 20:46:28 2016

Teradata Employee

Re: Suppressing TPT warnings

No, there is currently no way to suppress warnings.

An exit code of '4' should be treated the same as a '0'. It is a successful job.

-- SteveF

Re: Suppressing TPT warnings

Thanks steve.


Re: Suppressing TPT warnings

Is there any known issue with tptload attribute 'AcceptExcessColumns'? I am surprised to see the error inspite of setting this attribute to 'Y'.

"FILE_READER: TPT19134 !ERROR! Fatal data error processing file ...Delimited Data Parsing error: Too many columns in row 4."

Row 4 had more columns than what was given in schema definition of ctl.

However the test ran fine for less columns in a row, when AcceptMissingColumns is set to Y.

TPT version is


Re: Suppressing TPT warnings

Okay found the issue. There was a type that caused the issue. Thanks.

New Member

Re: Suppressing TPT warnings

I have a similar situation where the tpt load is successful, however it also says "Job step LOAD_DATA_INTO_TABLE terminated <status 4>", wondering how this was resolved.

Please advise.


Teradata Employee

Re: Suppressing TPT warnings

Warnings are a means to inform the user that, even though the job ran successfully, there is something about the job that may not be what the user had intended.


-- SteveF