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System performance script

Hello folks, does anyone have an SQL script that will display the system busy during different hours of the day. I have been asked to provide an analysis on system performance because of recent production changes. There must be a table in DBCMONITOR or DBC that contains this type of info

example results:
8h00 system 98% busy
9h00 system 99% busy
10h00 99%

22h00 58%

Re: System performance script

Assuming that you have resusage turned on, there are several macros that may be able to help you. Look for a macro called "ResNode" to start. It may be in database DBC, or it may have been set up in another database. You can do a
"select from dbc.tables where tablename = 'resnode';" to find it.

Once you find it, you can execute it as follows:

exec xxx.resnode('2007-04-15', '2007-04-16', 080000,120000);

where xxx is the databasename that contains the macro. The first two parms are the from and to date. The second two parms are the from and to time.

There are several other macros that you may help you. Once you find the database that they're contained in, do a "help database xxx;" to see all of the macros that start with "res".

Hope that helps.

Re: System performance script

I found the system Macro's and works great.. I have all the numbers that I need and more... thks Barry