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TBUILD log file

I am using tbuild on the command line in a nightly batch script.  I would like to send the resulting output as an email, so I need to know the name of the log file.  Is there a way to set the log file name?  I have only found the -L, set the log path command.

Currently I am redirecting the output with >, but would like to know how to have it log itself.

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Re: TBUILD log file

There is currently no method for you to name the output log file yourself.

TPT must ensure the name is unique and so it uses the job name (or logon id if no job name is specified) plus it appends a unique numerical identifier.

-- SteveF
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Re: TBUILD log file

hm, you need to know the job id of the run.

You can use the $JOBID parameter (see


within the script to write to ID to a table and extract it from there to get acces to the logfile itself...

The logfiles are stored somewhere in the installation directories - check the docu.