TDCH 1.5.7 with TD Wallet 16.20

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TDCH 1.5.7 with TD Wallet 16.20


Can someone supply the syntax for using TDWallet 16.20 with TDCH 1.5.7 please? I've tried:

-password $tdwallet(DevTdPw) : Fails with "syntax error near unexpected token ("

-password "$tdwallet(DevTdPw)" : Fails with incorrect password - presumably taking the quoted text as the password

-password '$tdwallet(DevtdPw)' : Fails with " Attempt to use Teradata Wallet failed because: Teradata Wallet 16.10 is not installed (cannot access "/opt/teradata/client/16.10/tdwallet/suselinux-x8664/")"


The last version seems to be right but having just jumped thru a bunch of governance hoops to get TTU16.20 and TDCH1.5.7 installed I'm really hoping TDCH isn't locked to a specific version of TDWallet.  Is there a way to override this or fool TDCH by setting up a symbolic link to the 16.20 version of  I don't have sufficient access to this server to randomly try things so hopefully I can get some guidance on a solution first.


Regards, Jim.