TDWM 6.2 Period Creation

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TDWM 6.2 Period Creation

I am new to Teradata Workload Manager and am having difficulties setting up a Period for Business Hours for the production environment. I am on TDWM on Windows XP on my local machine.

When Setting up the period I choose Day of Week and mark the checkboxes for Monday through Friday. I am able to specify the From: Time to 7:30 but when I enter a time in the To: field (in military or standard time) and tab over or click outside of the box I recieve the following error:

"Valid time format is HH:MM or value out of range."

The only times it will accept are those with a zero in the hours position like 0:11 or 0:01.

After the error the To: box changes values to 0:00:00 then to 23:59 back to 0:00:00.

I would like it to be From: 7:30 To: 17:30.

Has anyone else experienced this and is there a workaround or a fix or something.

Thanks for your time.

Re: TDWM 6.2 Period Creation

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Upgrade to latest efix level of TDWM Admin 6.2 (currently and try again. There were some fixes in that might be relevant to this problem.

Thanks fpluebel!!! No problems creating the Period now!