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Hello Friends,

Is there a way to over ride the Work table name in TPT Api when using mload.

Right now we get W table name as tblname_Wt_i12333 and each time that number changes.

Is there a way to overrirde and name it tblname_Wt and tblname1_wt etc..


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Re: TPT API From Informatica

Yes, we can override the work table names for UPDATE operator with TPTAPI. Just add the desired table name for the attribute "TD_WORK_TABLE".

Examples :

conn->AddAttribute(TD_WORK_TABLE, "testa_wt");

conn->AddArrayAttribute(TD_WORK_TABLE, 2, "testa_wt", "testb_wt", NULL);

For more information refer the TPTAPI programmers guide.