TPT And Mainframe Chanel Attached Systems

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TPT And Mainframe Chanel Attached Systems

We have our production Teradata box connected to the production mainframe via a TDP channel.
Our test Teradata box is connected to the test main frame via a different TDP channel.

If I initiate a TPT job on the production mainframe, will the TPT script be able to copy data from the production Teradata box to the test Teradata box?

Or will I need to run the TPT script on a platform that has access to both or does TPT really only use the TDP channel to get to Teradata and the rest is between the two Teradata boxes?
Teradata Employee

Re: TPT And Mainframe Chanel Attached Systems

You need to look at TPT the same way you would, say, FastLoad.
TPT will connect to Teradata across the channel in the same way.

So, if you are looking to move data between to Teradata systems, then you need to have channel connections to both system, from whatever machine TPT is installed.
-- SteveF