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I have a quick clarification on the TPT Architecture.

I'm executing a TPT script on my local PC which is using the ODBC Operator to pull data from a non-Teradata data source.  I'm them loading the data in Teradata using the Load operator.

My understanding the ODBC operator will send a SELECT to the non-Teradata data source and that data will be put into an in-memory data stream where the Load Operator will then take that data and move it to Teradata.

Does this data stream live on my PC or does it live on the Teradata system.  In other words, is any data passing through my PC or are the systems directly communicating with eachother.

Thanks for the clarification.

Teradata Employee

Re: TPT Data Streams

The data stream lives on your PC. It uses virtual memory.

The data does not go across the wire to th Teradata Database until the Load operator sends the data buffers to the data sessions.

-- SteveF