TPT Job Variables Error: Missing Concatenation

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TPT Job Variables Error: Missing Concatenation


I am creating a job variables file for my TPT scripts. However, I am seeing a strange error when tbuild reads the job variable file and I don't know how to resolve it.

Here is the job variable file I am using:

MyTdpId = ''
,MyStageDB = 'edw_stg_db'
,MyTempDB = 'edw_stg_db'
,MyLoadDB = 'edw_dev_db'
,MyUserName = 'MyUser'
,MyPassword = 'MyPass'
,MyTargetTable = 'edw_stg_dev.CURR_CVUEPISICCODE'
,MySourceFile = 'CURR_CVUEPISICCODE.dat'

There are no special characters that I can tell embedded in text document. Tbuild returns the following error:

Teradata Parallel Transporter Version
TPT_INFRA: TPT04090: Error: Line 2 of Job Variables file 'tptglobalvariables.cfg': Missing concatenation operator -- '||' -- between adjacent tokens.
Job script preprocessing failed.

The command I use to execute the job is:

Tbuild -f curr_cvuepisiccode.tpt -v tptglobalvariables.cfg

I am running the script on a Windows 7 machine.
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Re: TPT Job Variables Error: Missing Concatenation

Ok. I think I solved this issues. Apparently the jobs variable file does not like tabs. I spaced the variables out with tabs for neatness and when I removed the tabs the variables got assigned appropriately.

I hope this gets fixed in a future version.

Re: TPT Job Variables Error: Missing Concatenation

I came across kind a same issue with TPT

"TPT_INFRA: TPT04187: Error: Line 11 of Local Job Variable File: The Value assigbment of job variable ,2014' lacks a value specification."

and in my TPT SQL script I had used dates BETWEEN '2014-10-10' AND '2014-10-14' (with single qoutes)

and it turns out tpt was complaining on the single qoutes around my dates, so I replaced them with ''2014-10-10'' AND ''2014-10-14'' (2 single qoutes each side)