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TPT Multiple JobVar files

Hi there,

I'm new to TPT and have got it working.  I'm wanting to use Job Variable files to house things such as username and password and have got this working with the main script by using tbuild -f and -v.

What I'm hoping to do is get TPT to refer to two jobvar files, one for the personal data and one for the schema.  I can't seem to get this to work?  Is it possible?  If so, what is the appropriate command?

Many thanks,


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Teradata Employee

Re: TPT Multiple JobVar files

Yes, TPT does support multiple job variable files.

You just add additional -v <filename> command line options to the command line.

This feature was implemented recently (targeted for 16.0), but was shipped back to previous releases (as efixes) as follows:

So, an example would be:

tbuild -f <script> -v <file1> -v <file2> . . . 
-- SteveF

Re: TPT Multiple JobVar files

I did forget to mention that I'm on 14 (soon to be upgrading to 15).  I'm guessing that means I can't do it as yet, so I'll hold fire until then.

Thanks for the response Steve.