TPT Script Multiple Table Question

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TPT Script Multiple Table Question

Lets say I have 10 tables in database ABC. I need to move the data in these 10 tables from our production box to our test box. The tables in production are on separate Teradata machine than the ones on test (teraprod vs teratest) but the tables themselves are exactly the same when it comes to fields and data types.

I know I can create separate TPT scripts to move the data. My question is whether I can put all the script logic in a single JOB? I used the wizard to create a successful script, tried adding in another table and the script would no longer run (compilation error). Or am I forced to put each table in its own TPT script and execute each script.

We are on v12.1 I did not find anything in the TPT user documentation.
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Re: TPT Script Multiple Table Question

TPT supports the notion of job steps. Each job step is an independent load task.
So, you can create a single TPT script with 10 load tasks in them, but if you want
the tables all moved in parallel, you need to create a separate TPT script for each

-- SteveF