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TPT - Tenacity

In tpt 13.00 we dont have any default Tenacity, the job waited util it gets the load slots, but in 13.10 the job is taking up some default Tenacity as 6 mins for 4 hrs as result the job is failing after waiting for 4 hours.. We can increase the value by defining the attribute TenacityHours, TenacitySleep in the tpt script..  but we need to touch nearly 2000+ scripts to include this variable. Can this Tenacity be increased by anyother way, i mean through TSAM or any database settings?

Teradata Employee

Re: TPT - Tenacity

The utilities support a "configuration file" to set parameter defaults, and many sites use some sort of "wrapper" scripts. But if your jobs were not designed that way to start with, neither of those will help.

But reading between the lines, it seems you really would prefer to use utility throttles rather than Tenacity. What throttle limits do you have for FastLoad, MultiLoad, and/or FastLoad/MultiLoad combined?