TPT binary mode export

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TPT binary mode export

I tried exporting the data using TPT in binary mode and it worked. File has been created.

When I tried to understand the exported data file, I am not able to understand it.

Is that will be the LPF(Length Prefixed File) ? 

How to interpret the data meaning what is the starting point and End point of record.

what is the record terminator if we export data in binary mode.

Teradata Employee

Re: TPT binary mode export

The different record formats are documented in the TPT Reference Manual.

I guess my first question is, why did you choose "binary" if you were unaware of the record format?

I would think you would want to choose a format with which you are familiar?

The definition of the "binary" format is:

2-byte record length, 'n', followed by 'n' bytes of data.

There is no end-of-record marker for this format.

-- SteveF

Re: TPT binary mode export

Thanks Steve .

Just trying out different possibilities.