TPT error code 29

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TPT error code 29

i'm running into this error while writing to a file in TPT:

STR_EMI_DET_SQL: sending SELECT request
STR_EMI_DET_SQL: retrieving data
PXTBS_PutRow: Invalid input row length, status = Length Error
STR_EMI_DET_SQL: Error 29 in putting a record onto the data stream
Operator( instance(1): EXECUTE method failed with status = Length Error
STR_EMI_DET_SQL: disconnecting sessions
STR_EMI_DET_FILE_APPEND: Total files processed: 0.
Job step S2 terminated (status 8)
Job dcole terminated (status 8)

I'm not sure what the 'Length Error' is here. The extract is a set of 22 fields all cast as CHAR() and written in 'Text' format. Step S1 runs fine, it writes a 1-line header to the file and S2 appends the actual data. I've run a number of similar extracts and this particular one is almost identical to one i ran before, just from a different table. There's no LOBs in the table and the largest field is 100 characters, with a total of 377 characters per record.

Any help would be appreciated
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Re: TPT error code 29

Please send me your script. If you could generat the output from the job and send me that as well, that would be helpful.

From the command line:

tlogview -j -f "*" -g

and redirect the output to a file and send it to me.

is the job id that you will see on the console.
-- SteveF