TPT -> export ASCII data to UTF-8

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TPT -> export ASCII data to UTF-8

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Can TPT be used to export ASCII data as UTF-8... ? Meaning, the data stored in the TD DB table is ASCII, but we want a flat file export that is in UTF-8 Format. Is this possible?

As far as I have seen in the TPT User Guide, it appears that the character set of data and export file should be the same.

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Re: TPT -> export ASCII data to UTF-8

Another similar question as follows: If the TD DB Table has data in "Unicode" Character Set, can TPT export the Table data into "UTF-8" file... meaning, does TPT support character-set conversion...?


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Re: TPT -> export ASCII data to UTF-8

UTF-8 is unicode, isn't it?

To my understanding it is possible what you want to achive. You need to define the CHARACTER SET right on the different level (job and script). Check the manuals.

If you have problems then set up some example code with DDLs, Inserts and TPT script and share it with us.