TTU 15.10 Windows installation paths

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TTU 15.10 Windows installation paths

Why was the default installation path for SQL Assistant change to not Teradata SQL Assistant in the path?  Why did the sample ODBC program also get moved to be located in the folder with SQL Assistant?

William Miteff
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Re: TTU 15.10 Windows installation paths

I do not have any answers to this question, but it sounds like why my installation of TTU15.00 or TTU15.10 fails to work completely.

What were the paths and what are they now?

The Teradata Admin application can find and connect to an ODBC source, but the SQL Assistant application cannot find the MSVCR110.dll

located in C:/windows/System32 and it cannot find the terasso library.   So the application is clearly not working.   I also have the same

problem now with my Excel PDCR Toolkit application when it try's to connect to an ODBC source.

If you have any suggestions on how to fix the path search please let me know or anyone who knows how to fix this.