TTU Bad Directory Install

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TTU Bad Directory Install

I am having trouble getting Attunity 2.0 for Teradata to work with MS SQL Server 2012 client with 64 bit and windows 7. The error I am generating is an "slopen" error. This means that it couldn't open/find a file , but which one and how do I fix it? The error details are below:

Error on debug 

Teradata Destination [31]] Error: TPT Import error encountered during Initiate phase. slopen error: %1 is not a valid Win32 application.

 My list of software that I have installed on the computer is listed below. It appears, I could be mistaken, having something to do with the software installed on the laptop. Some software may have the wrong path or version. I would appreciate if someone could walk me through on fixing this and not just provide me with web links

Teradata software installed OLE DB Provider for Teradata 15.00 Teradata C PP2 15.00 Teradata C PP2 nt-x8664 15.00 Teradata Data Connector nt-x8664 15.00 Teradata GSS Client nt-i386 15.0 Teradata GSS Client nt-x8664 15.0 Teradata Parallel Transporter Base 15.00 Teradata Parallel Transporter Base nt-x8664 15.00 Teradata Parallel Transporter Stream 15.00 Teradata Parallel Transporter Stream nt-x8664 15.00 Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator 15.00 Teradata Query Scheduler Client 15.00 Teradata Query Scheduler Server 15.00 Teradata SQL Assistant 15.00 Teradata System Emulation Tool 15.00 Teradata Tools and Utilities - Base 15.00.00 ODBC Driver for Teradata ODBC Driver for Teradata nt-x8664 Shared ICU Libraries for Teradata Shared ICU Libraries for Teradata nt-x8664 Teradata CLIv2 nt-x8664 .NET Data Provider for Teradata 15.01

Other Related Software

Microsoft .net framework 4.5

SQL Server 2012

Java SE DEevelopment Kit 8 Update 45

Progress DataDirect Connect and Connect XE for ODBC 7.1 SP5

Progress DataDirect Connect 64 and Connect 64 XE for ODBC 7.1 SP5