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I need to test the Kerberso enhancements in teradata release 16.1. According to the release summary document, SSO with kerberos is now enabled on UNIX clients. It is specified in the document that TTU package is needed for this feature, that this is something different than JDBC, CLI and ODBC (all of which already exist for unix).

I have a Solaris 10 machine and I need to test this new authentication ability, but I can't find the needed TTU package for solaris.


Thanks in advance!


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Re: TTU for 16.1 for UNIX

It doesn't say Kerberos support is something separate from the driver software, just that the Linux and Windows versions of the drivers already had Kerberos support (and now the Unix versions do, too, from 16.10 onwards).


It's true that there are other software packages available to customers via an account at, in addition to those on the public downloads site. But all you really need for your testing may be CLIv2 (for Teradata utilities) and/or ODBC.