TWB_ROOT issue with TPT 15.10

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TWB_ROOT issue with TPT 15.10

Hey Guys,


I need to ask you about the case that i am currently facing 


i have installed sos berlin ( Job scheduler ) to run some TPT scripts on a daily basis , it was working fine until we installed the new version of TPT , then i faced this below issue and i have no clue how to solve it however i created a new environment variable named TWB_ROOT and assign it a value but the same issue appears .. please help me as soon as you can 


Teradata Parallel Transporter Version 32-Bit
TPT_INFRA: TPT02002: Error: TWB_ROOT environment variable is not defined.
Job terminated with status 12.

Samar Kamal,
ETL Consultant

Re: TWB_ROOT issue with TPT 15.10

I'm not very much sure about the schedular part, but login using the user with which schedular will run TPT script. If it's using then do "echo $TWB_ROOT" and see whether any value is being displayed or not.

If not, then add TWB_ROOT variable in PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH (for Linux) in .profile / .bash_profile (depending on your shell type) and before exetuing the tpt script execute .profile / .bash_profile.

If the value is being shown, then before exetuing the tpt script execute .profile / .bash_profile or the environment file where TWB_ROOT is added. But make sure it's added in PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH (for Linux)



Teradata Employee

Re: TWB_ROOT issue with TPT 15.10

As of (I think) TPT 14.10, TWB_ROOT is not an externalized environment variable anymore.

(If not 14.10, then it was in 15.00)


We do set it internally (so all of the code relying on that environment variable did not have to be changed).

Thus, I will need more information.


The subject line says there is a problem with TPT 15.10.

The body shows you are running 15.00.


I need to know which one you are concerned about (or maybe it is both).

I would then need to know about your environment, your PATH environment variable and the exact command you are running.



-- SteveF