Teradata 14.10 silent install.

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Teradata 14.10 silent install.


I try to use silent install of TTU 14.10.

Right now I have some problems with it.

I have created .bat file to run the silent install from CMD but I cant set it to make proper log of installation.

As you know, silent install in TTU 14.10 is runned via silent_install.bat which runs TTUSuiteSilent.exe.

So my .bat runs via silent_install.bat via script like below:

md c:\logs\Teradata_14.10

Cmd.exe /c %~dp0silent_install.bat "TDNETDP,BTEQ,JMSAM,TDAdmin,FastExport,FastLoad,MultiLoad,NamedPipesAM,OLEDBAM,Preprocessor,TPump,TPTBase,TPTStream,SQLA,TDWallet,WebsphereAM" -f2"c:\logs\Teradata_14.10\teradata_14.10.txt" -verbose

Script rather works but I cant make it logg instalation.

I checked silent_install.bat and managet to change way of reading the script so it should read whole part of my script.

But he didnt :/

silent_install.bat modification:

TTUSuiteSilent.exe {xxxxxxxxxxx} 14.10 %*

Can someone send me some info how to make it log installation please?

Any proper manual about TTUSuiteSilent.exe would be also great.

I had mostly worked on http://developer.teradata.com/doc/tools/ttu/install/index.jsp?topic=%2FE_14_10_SCCMDeployment_Eclips...


Re: Teradata 14.10 silent install.

In simple way, the question is "How to log silent_install" :)


Re: Teradata 14.10 silent install.

Ok, the answer is Temp folder.

If I remember corerctly, each package installed creates an installation log file located in the USER's %TEMP% directory and contain installation logs of silent TTU installation. The log files should be named like "module_TTU_version.log" or sth like this.

The main info is in:



Re: Teradata 14.10 silent install.

I'm trying to automate the installation on win7 but it did not work. I'm looking for the response file (.iss) no response file was generated!?

TeradataToolsAndUtilitiesBase__windows_i386. /r /f1"C:\temp\ttu.iss"

can someone help please?