Teradata PMon based Java application

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Teradata PMon based Java application

Hi all,

my project uses a TD 13.10 system.

we are planning to develop a Java based application to dynamically view the queries run by our ETL jobs.

specifically queries that are blocked by other queries. I know this can be accomplished by PMon tool.

but we would like to view this information in a custom built application.

Does teradata provide any JDBC or native API to support this requirement.

or can this information can be queried from the DBC tables or macros?

if so what table(s) or macro?




Re: Teradata PMon based Java application

The PMon API is still available, but afaik it's CLI based.

And since TD12(?) there's a SQL implementation using UDFs in SYSLIB, check the "Workload Management API" manual, Chapter 4: System PMPC APIs


Teradata Employee

Re: Teradata PMon based Java application

Yes, the Teradata JDBC Driver provides Monitor partition connections to enable your application to invoke PM/API commands. The Monitor partition connection support is documented in the Teradata JDBC Driver Reference here on Developer Exchange.


Also, please refer to the sample programs page:


Sample program T20914JD.java demonstrates how to use a Monitor partition connection to invoke PM/API commands.


Re: Teradata PMon based Java application

Thanks Dieter and Nolan..

This is what I was searching for..