Teradata Plugin for Eclipse - Password Management

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Teradata Plugin for Eclipse - Password Management

I installed the Teradata plugin for Eclipse 2 years ago and have been happily using it since.


Now my Teradata password changed.


When I opened Eclipse I was prompted to change my password. I gave it a bad one, because (i) it didn't contain any of the 'special characters' that I now realise Teradata demands and (ii) I don't remember it exactly any more.


In a separate application (Teradata Assistant) I successfully changed my password and I DO remember the new one, and can connect fine with that application.


Now I am "locked out" of Eclipse. Every time I start Eclipse it asks for my password before anything else (it never used to do that). Original and Newest passwords don't work. The "bad" one above probably won't work even if I remember it exactly, because I know it didn't contain any special characters.