Teradata Rest API using Netbeans Question

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Teradata Rest API using Netbeans Question

I am able to setup TD JDBC Connection from NetBeans (latest 8.2). I can explore the table data okay. However when I go to create Entity class from Database or Web services from DB, After choosing the JDBC Connection via the wizard I can't pass the Table info screen. It asks to select a table however No table is being shown on the list. I have added framework as suggested in this forum Hibernated option but no luck.


Netbeans 8.2 is using JDBC is 16.x.   Is this behaviour a bug or am doing something wrong here? Please suggest.   Also is there a way to bypass the wizard and create a RestAPI against a Teradata table?  Are there any other tools that I can use to create TD compatible Restful API?

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Re: Teradata Rest API using Netbeans Question

The Teradata Query Service is available to Teradata customers via the customer portal. The Teradata Query Service offers a REST API for querying the Teradata Database.