Teradata SQL Assistant 14.10 functionality changed

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Teradata SQL Assistant 14.10 functionality changed

I have been using Teradata SQL Assistant version 13.11 up to now. Today I have installed version 14.10. I have found that functionality has changed, but there are no settings that can bring back the functionality found in version 13 in version 14.





The following will return the value 2

Id I select the text between /* and */ “SELECT 1;” and execute it it shall return the value 1. But it Teradata SQL Assistant version 14.10 it will not run and I get the error: “Query ends within a string or comment block”.

How do I bring back the 13 functionality without removing the /* */?

Peter Schwennesen

Teradata Employee

Re: Teradata SQL Assistant 14.10 functionality changed

This issue is caused by the way the parser sees the the text.

In 13.11 we used to replace the Query with only the part of the Query that you were executing. This was a problem for many users who wanted to be able to see, or work with, other parts of the query while one part was executing.

We therefore changed it to keep the entire query visible at all times. The down side of that is that the parser will see any text withing comment delimiters as beeing a comment. 

In 15.0 we will be using a new code editor / parser and the problem will no longer exist.

Unfortunately in 14.10 the only way to fix it is to remove the comment tags. (There is a tool button to remove/add the comment tags)