Teradata connector error in datastage 8.5

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Teradata connector error in datastage 8.5


i am running a parallel job in datastage designer 8.5 to load into teradata table using BULK LOAD OPERATOR (tpt) using teradta connector.I got the following error.Pls, help me out.

ERROR:Teradata_Connector_0,0: Memory allocation failed (CC_TeraAdapter::setConnection, file CC_TeraAdapter.cpp, line 3,159)

Teradata_Connector_0,0: The runLocally() of the operator failed.

Teradata_Connector_0,0: Input 0 consumed 0 records.

Teradata_Connector_0,0: Operator terminated abnormally: runLocally() did not return APT_StatusOk

node_node2: Player 1 terminated unexpectedly.

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Re: Teradata connector error in datastage 8.5

I have the same problem in Datastage 11.5, did you manage to solve this problem.

work around: If you replace the "telapi.dll" file from 14.10 it works however we don't know the consequences of it.