TeradataR charcter truncation

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TeradataR charcter truncation

sqlSave(channel = tdConnection, dat = table, tablename = "db.table", append = F, rownames = F, colnames = FALSE, verbose = F, safer = TRUE, addPK = F, fast = T, test = FALSE, nastring = NULL, varTypes = unlist(lapply(table, class)))


When I tried to upload my dataframe that has everything converted to either chr date or int I am getting the following error back for any variable with character as the variable type.


In odbcUpdate(channel, query, mydata, coldata[m, ], test = test,  ... :

  character data 'Meba1' truncated to 1 bytes in column 'keycode'


Any ideas on why everything with a variable type of character would be getting truncated to only 1 byte?