Terradata Connection: ICULOADERROR(527)

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Terradata Connection: ICULOADERROR(527)

When using SAS/ACCESS to Teradata on DELL/XP with TTU7.5, the following
error may be encountered:

ERROR: Teradata connection: CLI2: ICULOADLIBERR(527): Error loading ICU libraries. .

The error occurs because SAS/ACCESS to Teradata has not been linked with
the Teradata ICU libraries.
The SAS code:
proc sql;
connect to teradata as tera
(user=xxx password=xxxxxx);

Can anyone help decode this error?
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Teradata Employee

Re: Terradata Connection: ICULOADERROR(527)

According to the CLI expert:

No, the user apps must NOT link with ICU. This error means CLI could not dlopen the ICU library. Most likely it is not installed or not in the path, or, less likely, there's not enough memory.
-- SteveF

Re: Terradata Connection: ICULOADERROR(527)

Hi Experts, 

I am unable to login to BETQ utility.

I am getting below error.

 CLI error: CLI2: ICULOADERROR(510): Error Loading ICU Library

Return code from CLI is :510

CLI Error:

Return code from CLI is :510

Error internal Error ,exiting BTEQ...


Can you help me to resolve this issue.