Timestamp in multiload

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Timestamp in multiload


I am trying to "multiload" a file which contains a field in a timestamp format without the zero in front of the day nor the month:
"5-6-2008 05:00:08 AM" instead of "05-06-2008 05:00:08 AM"

Which format string should I use (if any) or what else could I do to import the file?


Re: Timestamp in multiload

We had the same problem last thursday, we modified the input file with a nawk script. In out case the input format was a sybase file with the dates format with Feb 2 2008 12:00AM and Teradata didn't recognize the days with only one character.

I don't have here the exact script but was something like:

split the date with the " "
Build a new date using sprintf and format the day number with %.2d

And call the function for every field date in the file.

It worked fine.