Tpump job failes - when updating a primary key

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Tpump job failes - when updating a primary key


I am inserting 10 records in table 'T' and updating and deleting the record. As follows

Table 'T' has 'pkcol'(primary key integer) and 'val' varchar(20) columns

Insert into T values(1, 'test');
Insert into T values(10, 'test');
Update T Set pkcol=11 where pkcol=10;
Delete from T where pkcol=11;

when executing this with sessions=6 and threshhold=2 in Tpump configrations script file, TPUMP JOB FAILS

But if i run this with sessions=1 and threshold=1 then it passes and data is applied.

Any resolution to this problem or some workaround for making it possible with more number of sessions.

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Re: Tpump job failes - when updating a primary key


If you can post the error log with which the job would be easier to figure out what the issue is..Neverthless..since you have given no. of session as 6, the query would get distributed in multiple sessions.. there is a possibility that the row which you intend to update or delete is yet to be loaded into the table...probably waiting in queue to be loaded..

But in case of 1 session..all these would happen sequentially..which ensures the pkcol value say 10 or 11 has been loaded(thru insert statement) before executing the update on it...

Hope this answers ...