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UNIX vs Mainframes

we run Teradata utilities both through UNIX and Mainframes.
Can anybody please tell me in which scenario UNIX is preferable and when can we use mainframes to increase performance
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Re: UNIX vs Mainframes

We use both here. The actual queries take place in the Teradata system and as such will perform the same. Where you will see a difference is in how the systems are interconnected. A channel attached system will normally outperform a network attached system in load/unload utilites.

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Re: UNIX vs Mainframes

If you want to increase performence then you have to use mainframes because mainframes provide facility as you want.

Mainframe is the technology of new generation develped by IBM only for business purposes.

now a day most of 70% business data is depending on mainframes all major companies are now using mainframes.

so  i recommend mainframes for you.

else if you want to reside on less data you can use unix .

unix and mainframes are differ from each other having os and JCl commands etc.