Use of Delimiter in Fastload

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Use of Delimiter in Fastload

I've data which has delimiter as comma(,) and each record is enclosed by double quotes " "
as below format (2 rows given)

"000002BF1A4ED13C6D2AC92F55A251A1","13 ","~DV ","01/01/1111 00:00:00","10/12/2001"
"0000203BBFD112DCD4C4F4673FA766E1","13 ","~DV ","01/01/1111 00:00:00","08/21/2006"

I want to use Fastload to load these records in a table.
How do I specify the delimiter in Fastload script with perfect DEFINE statement?

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Re: Use of Delimiter in Fastload

I've tried this - not working. But if you observe the records are enclosed with double quotes (" ").
In the table I don't want those double quotes obviously.
For example - first column has a length of CHAR(32) - DEFINE also CHAR(32) without quotes.
It'll throw an error - as with quotes it's CHAR(34) - but I want only the record - not quotes.
Please help in this case!!!
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Re: Use of Delimiter in Fastload

Is there anyway you can bypass (suppress ) double quote with comma to just comma

"," ---> ,

" ---->

this would be an alternative,

experts can you please shed some light on this any alternate way..
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Re: Use of Delimiter in Fastload

Hi Animesh,

For the posted scenario recommended way is to use AXSMOD, by using it you can remove the double quotes("). For detail over AXSMOD you can always refer to Teradata documents.

Another way is to use Mload for such requirements (works for TD 12.0 and above)
1. In layout define first field from 2nd position and for last field give extra length.
2. use delimiter as "," (combination of 3 characters, supported by TD 12.0 and above)
3. For last record, you have to use substr (to let off the last ")

Re: Use of Delimiter in Fastload


Can someone tell me the solution for this using fastload..I didnt get a clear picture of the above answer..

How to load the file using fast load when it has records like..

Data with double quotes and a delimiter as comma..