VMWARE 14.00 1 TB - Issues.

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VMWARE 14.00 1 TB - Issues.


I had a downloaded copy of Teradata VMWARE - 14.00 (1TB) - zip file. 

1. Extracted the zip into a folder (It asked me if I have copied or moved it - selected "copied")

2. Started VMWARE & configured the ODBC as per the ip addresses.

3. Created the databases & tables - worked fine

4. Executed a BTEQ and it gave an error shutting the Teradata database down.

Error message in log file is - Failure 8019 The parcel stream is invalid.

5. Checked the pdestate

TDExpress14.0_Sles10:~ # pdestate -a


DBS state is 7: System is operational without PEs - Sessions are not allowed

Several other users in our company have faced this issue.