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Verify Version loaded

How do I verify what version of software is loaded to our client? Here is what I need to verify: piom, tdicu, cliv2, teragss.

I don't have the installation CD, and I need to validate the version.


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Re: Verify Version loaded

for BTEQ and F2ASTLOAD , invoke it and then enter the command :
show versions;

it gives you the information needed.

other utilities might follow the same version
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Re: Verify Version loaded

Another option is to find out what the package commands are for your operating
system. One of those commands will result in listing the installed packages on your

For example, on MPRAS, I believe the command is "pkginfo" and executing that
command will list out all of the packages. "pkginfo -l" would provide even more
detailed information.

Determine the correct command for your operating system.
-- SteveF