Viewing Images in Teradata Sql Assistant

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Viewing Images in Teradata Sql Assistant

Hi ,

I am trying to create a personal database ,with text and some images .I am able to insert image data into table using either varbyte/blob .However I am not able to view them . In teradata sql assistant it comes up as dat file .I can download the same and view it .But I am not able to see the same on SQL assistant.

Is there any way to see image directly in Sql Assistant ( ) ? what are the other alternatives ?



Teradata Employee

Re: Viewing Images in Teradata Sql Assistant

SQL Assistant displays a "LOB Information" dialog box when query returns a BLOB column. Select "Display as picture in Answer set" option in the "LOB Information" dialog box. The Help file states:

If the data is a graphic (file type BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TGA, TIF, ICO or WMF) SQL Assistant offers you the option of displaying the picture within the Answerset grid itself. You may request that the picture be displayed instead of being saved to a file or in addition to being saved to a file.

Also the "Data Format" tab in the Options dialog box allows you to set "Handle Binary/Byte columns as BLOBs if size >".