bteq for Solaris 10 on Intel Xeon

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bteq for Solaris 10 on Intel Xeon


I have searched, and can not find out whether the bteq command is provided/supported on Solaris 10 running on an Intel-based machine.

bteq currently runs on an old Sun SPARC machine, and I want to migrate this to a virtualized environment using a Sun/Oracle X4270 M2 running Oracle VM with a Solaris 10 virtual machine.

I guess I have the option of running Linux in a virtual machine on the X4270, but would prefer the Solaris 10 option.

Many thanks.
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Re: bteq for Solaris 10 on Intel Xeon

Intel/Xeon/Solaris 10 is certainly supported. For a complete report of supported platforms and versions for Teradata Tools and Utilities, search for publication B035-3119- on We don't certify our products specifically for virtuallized environments, but I guess it should work ok.