connection problem in Express Edition

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connection problem in Express Edition


i am trying to run a fastexport script through a demo express edition. the script is

.logtable temp;
.logon demotdat/tduser;
database tpch;
.begin export sessions 12;
.export outfile c:\order.txt mlscript c:\order2.txt format fastload mode record;
O_ORDERKEY (char(12)),
O_CUSTKEY (char(12)),
O_ORDERDATE (char(11)) ,
O_CLERK (CHAR(15)) ,
O_SHIPPRIORITY (char(11)),
from tpch.ordertbl;
.end export;

when i try to execute, system is asking for password and i gave tduser as the password. first time it accepted. when it jumps to initial phase again fastexport asking for password and this time its no where accepting the password. this is happening for all other loader utilities too. my host file has entry. localhost demotdatcop1 localtdcop1
when i tried to access the BTEQ using the same userid i.e tduser and password tduser. its accepting over there and i am able to run the queries. but none of the loader utilities i am able to execute because of system not accepting the password.

let me know any reason why it is not accepting.