difference betweem v2r5 & v2r6

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difference betweem v2r5 & v2r6

please kindly tell me the difference between v2r5 & v2r6 please friends

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Re: difference betweem v2r5 & v2r6


New features in v2r6:

Features for… Performance:

Optimize USI Maintenance & Rollback Performance
Optimize NUSI Rollback Performance
PPI for Non-Compressed Join Index
Simple Update Optimization

Features for… Active Enabled:

Improved Scandisk Performance
Lift Combined In-List Value Limits
Allow Triggers and Join Indexes on the Same Table

Features for… Enterprise Fit:

Large Decimal Support
Big Integer Support
Auto Generated Key Retrieval
Linux – Teradata based Replication
WS03 64-Bit Teradata Ready for EM64T
Improve Spool Space Accounting
Restrict Logons to pre-Defined IP Addresses

Features for… Ease of Use:

Support SQL Default Function
Set Session Account Priority
Create Table As... With Statistics
Enhance Alter Table to Allow Column Compression
DBQL – Log SQL Statement Type
DBQL – Log Utility Objects
DBQL – Log Failed SQL Query Text
DBQL – Log Object Support for Macros, Views, Triggers, Stored procedures and UDFs

Features for… Quality & Supportability:

Dispatcher Fault Isolation
Write Ahead Logging (WAL)

Re: difference betweem v2r5 & v2r6

That appears to be a list of the new features in the minor release, V2R6.2. A list of all the major
enhancements since V2R5.x would include queue tables, stored procedures, table functions, user-defined data types, and recursive queries, along with many others.

Re: difference betweem v2r5 & v2r6

Hi All,
I am posting a very detailed answer for Teradata Version
differences.you can refer it.

V2R5 New Features and Eliminated Features
1. Added Identity column features to implement Primary key
and Unique key concepts.
2. Statistics can be collected on
a. Multiple Non Indexed columns of a table.
b. Using sampling data from a table.
3.Partition Primary Indexed Added and types described.
3. Materialized View concept provided through
a. Partialy covered join Index.
b. Sparse Join Index.
4. Stored procedure features like
a. Implementing Cursors using declare cursor statements.
b. Altering a Procedure Using Nested computed statements.
c. FETCH to get the rows one by one sequentially.
d. Get help information on Stored Procedure and
Attributes etc.
5. Multi Column Compression for Table Columns.
6. Setting the default DATEFORM form Options.
7. Implementing Multiple Distinct Aggregations in a Select
Query etc.
V2R5.1 Features
1. ANSI Triggers Introduced.
2.Row Triggers, statement triggers are supported.
3. It allows Recursion and Aggregation inside Triggers.
4. Stored Procedure Enhancement achieved
Implemented different recompilation methods of a stored
5. Recognised requirements for running C compilers in the
Teradata UNIX Environment.
6. Provided more Contextual Information for Internal Error 5547.
7. Large Objects supported.
a. we can load and unload large objects even in
By Using LargeDatamode.
8. User Defined Functions Added.
1. we cannot write Print Statement inside Procedure.
2. Stored Procedures Created in V2R5.1 require Recompilation.
1. Queue Tables are added.
2. Triggered Stored Procedure added.
3. Stored Procedure Grammar Merge added.
4. Multi statements request submitted (supported in stored
procedures by using
5. External Stored Procedures (xSP added).
6. BLOB’s are supported by stored procedure and External
stored procedure.
1. Stored Procedure OUT Parameter Changes.
2. PPI on Volatile and Global temporary tables.
3. User Defined types Added (UTDs)
4. PPI on Join Index added.

1. Alter Table column Compression added.
3. Auto generated key Retrieval added.
1. Stored Procedure Enhancements
a. Retrieval of one or more results set from a stored
2. Error Tables Added with external syntax.
3. TERADATA 12 Provides complex error handling capabilities
in conjunction with a
MERGE INTO (or) INSERT SELECT statements accomplished
through the Usage of new SQL
based error tables.
4. Usage of ANSI Merge Operation at the time of loading added.
5. Compare and contrast the advantage of Merge instead of
6. TD 12 MERGE plan is different from V2R5 MERGE plan.
7. Multilevel Partitioning provided.
8. Added many changes to the User defined functions and
Table functions.
9. Supports SQL Invocation Using External Stored Procedures.
10. Teradata Extended Support for Windows Aggregate Function.
STDDEV_SAMP[standard deviation sample]
CORR ---Corelation
COVAR_SAMP (Corelation Variable sample )
11. It supports DSW of 20 bits also.
12. BLOB and CLOB Extended till 10 GB.

If you want more and more detailed points you can drop me a
mail to my id teradatavinay@yahoo.co.in
Moreover my students are maintaining a blog you can find more stuffs in this path


Thanks & Regards
Vinay Sir (Teradata Trainer ,Hyderabad)

Re: difference betweem v2r5 & v2r6

Hello Vinay Sir,

Thanks for the detail information provided by you.

            Please add TD13,TD13.10 features also.