different CLI 220 errors .. connectivity?

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different CLI 220 errors .. connectivity?

Hello TD experts 


Seeing many CLI errors over a long period of time after some research was done :
    [ERROR] Type:(Teradata CLI Error), Error: (MTDP: EM_DBC_CRASH_A(220): Network connection to the DBC was lost.)

    [ERROR] Type:(Teradata CLI Error), Error: (CLI error 220 (no message text available))

    220 [ERROR] Type:(Teradata CLI Error), Error: (Completed Successfully.) 


Starting to realize that the messages are not as relevant but there is some intermittent connectivity issue. CLI 220 errors denote a crash although there is no crash on the DB. These are returned to our ETL tool  and the same jobs will eventually succeed. When there's no code/ connection change and the behavior is different we think it's obvious there's a connectivity issue but are not clear on :
1- If this has to do with the COP / DNS setup or something internal to TD configuration? 
2- if there is a way to overcome by changing any Configuration on the client side (clispb.dat,  COPPER, COPLIB, DBCAREA etc...)


Has anyone seen this and is there anyway to narrow down and isolate the issue?


thanks in advance!


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